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SERBIA: Introduction and Links


This site has been initiated as an additional support site to the well established and visited site named “Serbian Animals Voice”. 

The ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) site:   is sub divided into several different Categoies – any of which can be chosen by visitors using the drop-down on the right hand side of the page under the heading ‘a – Select Category’.

The direct link to the prime region of the site which deals specifically with Serbian animal issues is given below:

Main Link to SAV site – Specific Category: SERBIA:

Once within the ‘Serbia’ category, the user is given access to all post (article) links associated specifically with Serbian animal welfare campaigns.  These posts which are on a series of ‘pages’ can be traced right back to 2005 when Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) was initiated.

To aid users of this site having to route back through pages and pages of SAV archives on the SAV site, below you will find a chronological compilation of the vast majority of SAV posts associated with Serbia.  Some animal shelter posts are not included, as shelters are given their own category and listings within this site.


Chronological SAV ‘SERBIA’ Campaign Links

Full Listing given below.  Please click on any link to be redirected back to the original SAV campaign posts.

SAV Video Links

A full listing of all video footage used during SAV Serbian campaigns can be found in the subsection following the Chronological Campaign Links (directly below). 

This listing is headed ‘SAV Video Links – SERBIA’.

SAV Photographs

As additional support to this information / link post you will find a selection of photographs which are currently held on the SAV database / archive.

Most of the photographs relate directly to issues which SAV and alliance campaigners have been highlighting over the past three or four years.  Some of the photographs here are included on a site for the first time.  Many were obtained by investigators, operating undercover where necessary.  As distressing as some people may find the pictures we are not going to hold back with publishing them.  These pictures show the reality of conditions for animals in Serbia today and in recent times.  This is how a European state wishing to gain EU accession (membership) currently treats animals; a treatment which we consider is far from acceptable.

We hope that  some of the photographs will give visitors the incentive to further investigate and campaign against the current situation in Serbia which animals endure on a continual basis.

By clicking on the campaign links below or alternatively by visiting the SAV site at  we hope visitors will be able to gain more information on our work and the campaigns undertaken by a group of dedicated Balkans animal welfare campaigners who have formed an alliance to attempt to both highlight the suffering of, and also to provide suggestions for solutions to, animal cruelty which currently exists in Balkans states.

As stated, animal cruelty is a global issue; but this site is specifically dedicated to highlighting, addressing and preventing suffering and cruelty inflicted on animals throughout the Balkans states.  Hopefully it will provide incentive for others to further address and publcise animal suffering in other locations of the World. 

Good luck to anyone who decides to become another organisation or individual fighting to end animal cruely and suffering the world over.


Chronological SAV ‘SERBIA’ Campaign Links:






SAV Video Links – SERBIA:


Dogcatchers – Nis City, Serbia: 

Organised Animal Fighting:

Note some of the videos may now have been removed by the owner – a simple signal that their ‘entertainment’ is not viewed as such by the majority.  Or maybe it is to save themselves being identified by their ‘fun’ videos?

Api’s Story:

Nis City Pound – Dogs Awaiting death:

Prisoners of Belgarde Zoo: 

Circus Demonstrations – Belgrade – Circus Corrona – Moscow 

Street dogs being rounded up and killed on the street in Svilajnac city

click on the following link to access 3 videos: 

The Life of a Stray Dog – Very Powerful Video – From Turkey 



SAV Photographs – SERBIA:



provided as additional links to this post **


Photgraph Library No. 1:

Title:  Investigation into operations conducted at OVCA City Shelter (Belgrade) for abandoned dogs and cats

– Report by Tamara Popic – a graduated veterinarian.

Period:  October 2006 – December 2006.

Important NoteDate of each photograph when taken in conjunction with, and to support the wording of the investigation, is shown on each individual photographic image.

Link to full investigation reports (in English): 

NotePhotographs from the OVCA City Shelter investigation have been sub divided into several additional posts which supplement this Introduction post. 

Photo Links:


Photgraph Library No. 2:

Title:  Hunting

Photo Links:


Photgraph Library No. 3:

Title:  ‘Shinters’ – the Dog and cat Catchers of Serbia

Photo Links: 




  1. I am really ashamed being human living in a world, where some people are worse than beasts.
    Seeing this ,you don’t have to ask yourself ,how can some people torture other humans.They practice whole there lives on pure animals.

    Where is the “help from above” when you really need it.

  2. can anyone believe humans can be so cruel these countries revolt me. why are there no animal charities to destroy the animals in a humane way ? it would be kinder.

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