Posted by: balkansanimalsuffering | December 27, 2009

Photographs: ‘Shinters’ – The Dog and Cat Catchers of Serbia

Commercial organisations are employed throughout Serbia to undertake stray/roaming animal control.

These organisations are not specialists in any form of animal welfare they are at best, simply pest controllers, utilising ‘Shinters’ (Authority Stray Control Teams) for clearing towns and cities of stray and roaming animals on behalf of Regional authorities.

When they are captured by shinters, some animals can suffer terrible injuries to their bodies as a result of being caught and hoisted using the wire noose which grip them around the neck, and also joint breaking or dislocation due to the way they are carried and thrown into collection vehicles.

Once they have been captured, animals are usually transported to very low grade city pounds where they are held – see posts and photographs on OVCA, Belgrade. 

Often, they are provided with little food or water and all the strays have to compete with each other for what little scraps of food are provided.  Animals are often the victims of weather as many shelters are open, exposed facilities.

The short life in the pound for any animal is a constant battle.  It has been known for some animals in pounds to resort to eating other dead animals in order to try and survive.

See video footage of shinters at work:



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