Posted by: balkansanimalsuffering | January 1, 2010

SERBIA: Photographs – Sombor City Pound / Killings

……… Veterinarian Mrs. Dubravka Dusanic has killed all the dogs at Sombor`s city pound, all those poor victims who were in those small  dirty cages in front of eyes of  whole World.

We are desperate, because in spite international attention to these poor dogs  these pitiless killers murdered them. These 27 adult and 5 puppies were inspected by Mrs Sanja Celebicanin, for several months, and she wrote  this city pound is ok- in spite of the dogs being crammed into  very small cages.

These firm for garbage collection don`t want to make any meeting with us about re-homing dogs,  the Director, Mr. Andrija Penzes, banned the activists of  APS ZOV from taking photos, but there are  3 witnesses who were every day in that place and who can give us confirmation that the dogs were healthy but very hungry and thirsty, and living in their own excrement.

 ……. they were brutally killed by T-61 – by politicians and authorities who do not care.

Veterinarian Mrs. Dubravka  told us that the dogs were ill – but  how can be possible in all  27 adult dogs and  5 puppies !

And even if they were ill, which was not the case, why did she not attempt to try and help them by providing medical treatment ?

– she did nothing, and gave not one animal any medical treatment.  No vaccination, no microchipping –   just  T-61 to kill them;

that is the Veterinarian Mrs. Dubravka  – some veterinarian !   ………………



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