Posted by: balkansanimalsuffering | January 3, 2010

Important Note – Please Read – We all get angry, but ….

Even though we are just a couple of days into the publication of the Balkans Animal Suffering (BAS) site, we are already getting plenty of excellent and positive publicity; much due to the dedicated work of Paola (in Milan, Italy). 

People who have visited the site are already leaving comments, which we thank them for.

But we must stress the fact that many of the comments which are being left are using extreme language.  This is not necessary.  We are all fighting for animal protection and all get frustrated and angered by what we see.  The only way forward is to put this anger and frustration into positive campaigning and not by shouting your mouth off with a comment on a site which is already working hard to campaign for animals in the Balkans.

If anyone needs to have a gripe about the situation for animals in the Balkans, then please write a formal letter to Balkans governments in your own nation; e mail them (details and info on SAV); but please limit the language that you use against the animal abusers when you visit this site.  It is us who have to deal with all the abusive comments aimed at them, not actually them.

All comments are vetted in advance of being published, and those of any extreme nature will be trashed even before they have a chance of being published.  We welcome comments, but not abusive and bad language which achieves nothing.

Concerns are already being expressed by the site host about the level of language being used.  If this continues, then there is the risk of the site eventually being shut down – and that benefits nobody trying to fight for animal legislation, especially the animals which will continue to suffer should we be withdrawn from having this ideal site to express and show what IS actually happening in the Balkans.

We all get angry by what we see; tell us at SAV and BAS about it ! – but we attempt to channel our feelings into positive routes for speaking up for animals in distress, and that does not include mouthing off in the comments section of BAS.

Please take this on board; and produce comments which we can read and publish to the entire World, not ones which immediately head into the ‘Trash’ bit.

Thanks – BAS.

Make your pledge to support Balkans animals:


World Wide – Legal Action 4 Animal Rights







  1. Mark, I love you for what you are doing for the animals of the Balkans. It is time we all stood up for these poor animals, join us in our fight for justice for the poorest of the poor – the animals!

    For all the weary little paws that walk the earth today.

    From Jean, SOS for Serbian Animals

  2. Mark, we are gratefull to You because Your tireless brilliant work for Balkan animals . Thankfully You we have new laws for protection animals and because Your brilliant work and Your excellent comunication and collaboration with EU Parliament there are Hope for our poor animals.
    Thank You dear friend.

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