Posted by: balkansanimalsuffering | January 3, 2010

MACEDONIA: Photographs (Set 1 of 3) – Animal Suffering at Vardariste Holding Facility, Skopje.

Responsible for the Suffering at the Vardariste Holding Facility – the Mayor of Skopje.



  1. it is heartbreaking to see these dogs and note the suffering in their expressions. There is not much i can do execpt be the voice for the voiceless and speak of their plight. rest asured i will do at least that. Isay to those responsibel for the mistreatment and suffering of these dogs please take better care off them spay and neuter programs should be instigated. Education of the public should be iniciated straight away. Teach people how to care for their dogs and help solve the stray problem. Do not just shoot them and do not let them suffer. A more humane approach is needed and should be iniciated straight away on behalf of the dogs in question. Please do something for them. Sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark.

  2. This is outragious ! This is one of the most saddeset sights I have seen PLEASE ACT NOW TO STOP THIS !

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