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MACEDONIA: President of the EU Eurogroup for Animals Writes to EU Commissioner About Skopje – Then Supported by Letter From ‘Serbian Animals Voice’

South East England Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Dr. Caroline Lucas,   who is also the President of the EU Eurogroup for Animals  , wrote a formal to Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, The European Commission, DG Health and Consumers, Brussels, who is responsible for animal welfare issues within the EU.  Carolines letter of 30th November relates to European Parliament / EU Eurogroup animal welfare concerns in both Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina but drawing special attention to the situation regarding stray dogs in Skopje, Macedonia.

A copy of Caroline’s letter to Commissioner Vassiliou can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Brussels letter stray dogs and cats

To provide additional support to the letter (dated 30th November to the Commissioner) by Dr. Lucas, SAV have now also written a formal letter, complete with the supply of 12 photographs of the conditions in which animals are being kept to the following EU Commissioners:

Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou –

and also Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner  –

especially expressing our concerns about many issues relating to the animal holding / death facility at Vardariste, Skopje.

A copy of SAV’s letter to Commissioner Vassiliou and Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner  can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Commissioner letter Macedonia Dec 2009

Within the letter, we have informed the Commissioner(s) that a formal petition has also been established by SAV to EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, asking him to seriously review the lack of action being taken by many Balkans states regarding animal welfare legislation implementation prior to allowing these same states EU accession (membership).

This petition to EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, asking action be taken about macedonian animal welfare prior to EU membership of Macedonia can be viewed and signed by visiting:

Previous SAV Post Link:

TWO other PETITIONS For This Campaign – Please Sign:


STOP the massacre in Skopje (Macedonia)

We know these facts:    There is one only shelter in Skopje, and dogs are killed in huge number and impressive frequency. The Mayor, responsible of the shelter, declared openly that dogs must be KILLED, everyone of them. Volounteers of “Care for Animals” protested, of course, but it’s been vain. The shelter was meant to sterilize dogs and then let them go, but OFFICIALLY 56% of dogs are killed, there are about 10,000 dogs in the streets that have to be “cleaned” .



Honored Mayor of Skopje ,

Send to your public these  Third Millennium messages, instead of the killing:




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