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SERBIA: Smederevo Dog Pound Update – Take Note EU, the ‘Rule of Law’ is NOT being Implemented by Serbia

The following, especially the report of December 2009 which declares:

you become a participant that works against investigation and justice

gives additional support to our petition and presentation to EU Commissioner Olli Rehn that the ‚rule of law’ is NOT being implemented by the Serbian government and authorities.

We feel that this justifies our call that Serbia should not be allowed EU accession (membership) until ‚justice’ is correctly implemented within Serbia.

Our (SAV / BAS) petition to Commissioner Rehn can be found at:

Petition Link:

SAV Post Link:

SAV / BAS Team.


Smederevo Dog Pound 

The following is a direct copy of text, data and photographs we have been provided with by Serbian animal campaigners.The situation in Smederevo dog pound is horrible to say the least.


According to the Serbian Animal Welfare Law, local authorities are obligated to carry out a strategy for resolving the problem of stray animals.

In Smederevo it is forbidden to kill stray dogs that are caught and brought to the dog pound since 2008. But, it is just a new regulation. Dogs are put in a yard, without protection and food. There are a few boxes, but the majority of dogs are in a group, unsterilized, hungry – a catastrophe waiting to happen. And it is happening right now.

The city service firm ‘Komunalac‘ is in charge

There is only one animal welfare organization APAS in Smederevo. During the last year APAS was not able to do anything else for those dogs, only to provide them with old bread and water, and sometimes raw bones.

Dogs are not dewormed, vaccinated, many of them are sick, female dogs give birth to puppies and the majority of them are killed by adult dogs. That torture chamber should not exist at all.

The chairwoman of organization Epar who has a shelter in a northern Serbian city of Subotica pressed charges against that firm ‘Komunalac’ for abusing animals and not spending the budget money on stray animals. After that, Smederevo organization APAS did the same.

New chairwoman of Smederevo organization APAS, Mrs Gordana Ristic says that the veterinary inspector was in Smederevo dog pound a few mornings ago. He was faced with five dogs killed during the night, one of them was eaten, and there were only bones!    The inspector told Mrs Ristic that she is not allowed to treat dogs medically. BUT, she is the only person in Smederevo that treats sick dogs, gives them antibiotics, infusion, takes care of their wounds. I am sure that she is going to continue to help those dogs. 

There were no contacts with foreign orgas before Ms Pamela Posavec went there and everything was kept as a secret: ex-chairwoman is the member of the Komunalac board!

She is paid to support the firm which left dogs in a large group, without food!  –  She is on their side all the time.

A famous journalist from the national television is going to report about the situation in Smederevo. It should be on the air after orthodox Christmas. 

Animals in Serbia live among cruel people. There are not enough animal protection people. The small number of people who help animals have flats full of animals, they help stray animals locally. It is very difficult to be in animal protection in Serbia, where there is no awareness that animals are in need. Animal lovers are all frustrated because they are faced with horrible sufferings of stray animals every day. 
Ms Posavec provided some help, deworming for all dogs, food, dog houses, blankets, straw, roof repairing, and fences. Her work is great, but she needs support.  

They need food, to prevent cannibalism.


At this moment, there are not many things that Ms Posavec will be able to do. All dogs need to be separated in small yards, to prevent killings. 

The problem is that that place is not private. If for example a foreign organization comes to help a private shelter, arrangements are made with people who manage the shelter, you build, treat, feed and you know where and how money is spent, you know that everything will stay in the shelter.
In a city dog pound everything is different. Nobody can guarantee Ms Posavec that she will be allowed to work there and putting fences and houses must be approved by the manager of that firm Komunalac.    

New chairwoman of Smederevo organization APAS cares for dogs and she will help Ms Posavec with everything.  

There used to be 123 dogs, now about 50. Somebody made a hole in fences and some dogs escaped and probably stayed alive. A lot of dogs died and a large number was killed and eaten by other dogs. They live in a terrible stress. They need to be separated and sterilized.

Veterinary inspection closed that place formally, because they are even not registered. But Komunalac catches and puts new dogs there.

Because of charges and media interest, the City of Smederevo decided to invest 50.000 euro in a new shelter in a village near Smederevo. For the moment, it is just a plan. That plan says a lot, there is no chance that Smederevo adopts CNR strategy, they do not want to have sterilized stray dogs on the street. There is a general tendency to put dogs in shelters, Serbian local authorities are not familiar with CNR strategy that was adopted in Belgrade in 2006. Even in Belgrade, there is a plan to build new shelters in which all stray dogs would live.

It is very important to help shelters in which there are no conditions for dogs to have a decent life and it is also important to keep an eye on local authorities, NGO sector and animal welfare orgas should be supported to take a part in that process of resolving the problem of stray animals, because authorities put dogs in places like Smederevo dog pound, do not provide them a decent conditions, dogs die sick or eat each others. It is just putting them off the streets, it is not resolving the problem.

Even if in Belgrade five new shelters are built and all dogs are put there, nobody will treat them, nobody will let them run or walk, nobody will cuddle them. They will lose what they had on streets – guardians who used to feed, treat and love them.

I am very concerned that one day somebody will tell that there is no money for city shelters/dog pounds. At that moment, somebody will also make a conclusion that dogs cannot stay alive any more.

If Serbian Ministry of Agriculture adopts the No kill stategy, it will be a turning point in animal protection in Serbia, it means that all dogs must be sterilized, stray and owners’, but it also means that dogs cannot live on streets any more. It is very important to know if the No kill strategy means that dogs cannot live any more at all.
This text was published on the forum:

The text says:

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and water management of the Republic of Serbia

Veterinary Department – Veterinary inspection Belgrade

Republic veterinary inspection Smederevo

Ministry of Interior Afairs, please send it to Smederevo police

Prosecutor’s office in Smederevo

15th December 2009


About keeping a large number of not registered and not vaccinated dogs in a place without standard conditions which does not meet any veterinary nor sanitary standards and probably does not have formal papers and it is not registered or there are falsified papers about the real situation. You can see how it looks on this photo, one of many that citizens sent us.    

Dogs closed in this place are maltreated by starvation, there is no medical care, workers do not clean and therefore dogs live in extremely unhygienic conditions in large packs and they are exposed to diseases and also they attack and eat each others. 

If there is an office for employees of the Smederevo zoo hygiene sector in that complex we think that that office must be also dirty because of conditions in which animals live, but it is not important if offices are clean or not, it is important to say that there are millions of dinars in question that are supposed to be spent on helping stray animals during the last few years – where is that money?

Animals are in mud, they are hungry, thirsty, cold, and not vaccinated and not registered – maltreated.  

We would like to ask you to inform us about your actions after investigation.

If you do not react, you become a participant that works against investigation and justice.

Thank you for your attention and thank you in advance for your fast actions according to the laws of the Republic of Serbia.

Best regards


We demand that the veterinary inspection in charge and the police act according to laws and their official duties.

We are sending you proofs of criminal charges of abusing and passive killing of large number of animals and using public money –  we do not know anything about spending money and it is necessary to investigate incomes and expenses from the account of the City of Smederevo to the account of public service firm Komunalac –   zoo hygiene Smederevo and other accounts that are supposed to be used to resolve the problem of stray dogs and cats. It is also necessary to investigate criminal charges according to the Law of veterinary and the Animal welfare law.



  1. Stop this at once please.

  2. Wann wird die Menschheit endlich menschlich und human???????????

  3. we will have to write, set up a group, I think there is already one on facebook will check tomorrow. and just rub it under the eu parlament noses. this can’t go on, and it is all over Europe this shit. sorry, ballistic

  4. please.tell that on all people and from sebien too…. many people from serbian even dont now about it…honest… please write signatur under petition
    hallo, leute bitte erzahlen für alle und für sebische in D und Ö…viele haben keine achnung ….was ist dort mit d tiere abgeschpielt…bitte machen mundpropagande und schreiben uberall in forums.. ÜETITION UNTERSCHREIBEN BITTE DANKE
    lg aus wien

  5. You should came with a TV team to see yourself what is going on and to spread it all ower the world.

  6. The culutre and ciclisacion of any country should be seen about treating animals.
    When I saw this, I feel like I am looking 100 years ago, and not now in 21. century, when Serbia want to come in Europa.
    It is a big tragedy for that live dogs, and big money for terrible monsters – called pepole!
    Hope they will be punish for doing this


  8. This is so sad ,I have never seen such horrific treatment ,how can any human be so inhumane ,and so unnecessary ,apparently money has been provided for the animals ,where has it gone??,they are eating each other because they are starving,this man JKP KOMUNALAC,should be fired ,charged and jailed ,my heart goes out to the German Shepherd ,just disgusting ,his eyes are pus ,and being locked up for a year ,and now can’t stand ,I want to help him ,I will pay for the vet to treat him and for him to be fed,please some one put me in touch with Mrs.Posavec or Mrs.Gordana Ristic.

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