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Macedonia: Skopje – Dogcatchers ‘Hunting’ for Dogs Armed With Baseball Bats; Dead Dogs (Killed in Secret) Being Disposed of on Local Landfill ?

Update 09/01/09 – Skopje – the animals Death Camp

The latest information being supplied to us by contacts in the area is very disturbing.

We are being informed that employees (dogcatchers) who work for ‘JP Komunalec’ are hunting around for dogs in private, unmarked vehicles, armed with baseball bats.

Eyewitnesses inform that all of the time, there is a huge amount of dogcatching taking place in different locations.  But these dogs are never seen afterwards at the pound; so can only be assumed that they are being being taken elsewhere and immediately killed in secret.  It is understood that the bodies may be being disposed of in a pit on landfill Drisla.

Activists are currently very busy dealing with the care of very many little dogs who have been taken from Vardariste pound and who are looking for re-homing.

Many of these little dogs taken from Vardariste pound have ‘parvo virus’ caused by the unhygenic situation and disgusting conditions at the Vardariste pound, aunder the control and responsibility of  an authority, government and city Mayor who simply do not care about animal welfare. 

As there are no proper attempts to clean and disinfect the pound, or to care for any of the animals at the pound, is it any wonder that animals are becoming sick and dying.

Possibly death from parvo virus is exactly what is wanted and an excuse that the authorities and Mayor can use to ‘cover’ up the additional deaths of many animals; if they cared, the city authorities and mayor would ensure that the facility was properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of such disease.

Vardariste pound is still undertaking the mass killings which it has now become globally famous for – the animals ‘death camp’.

More information and hopefully some pictures to come very soon.

The Mayor of Skopje – Failing to Act in Animal Welfare

With Conditions Such as This, Is it any Wonder that Disease such as Parvo Virus is Being Spread Amongst Dogs at the Vardariste Pound ?




  2. Koce e najgolemiot idiot sto voopsto dosol na nekakva javna funkcija vo Republika Makedonija.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    The reason we are writing you is to draw your attention to the suffering and killing of huge number of strayed dogs in Skopje, in facility which is supposed to implement a catch-neuter-release programme.

    The city of Skopje has assigned a city communal services company, the public enterprise “Komunalna Higiena”, to run the facility and to be responsible for the process of catching and treating the dogs. The treatment should include de-worming, spaying/neutering of the dogs and returning them to the location where they were caught.

    Unfortunately, not only is the programme not being carried out according to the plan (officially there is about 60% of euthanasia, unofficially about 90%!), but the dogs kept in the holding facility are being mistreated and left to suffer from extremely bad conditions (too many dogs in one cage, concrete wet surface, often hungry, without enough drinking water, many of them are sick and are in same cage with healthy dogs). Furthermore, the facility’s management is not allowing visitors for adoption to come every day. Visitors can come only two days of the week, Fridays and Saturdays, from 9.00h-12.00h a.m. We believe that without a proper adoption plan, the catch-neuter-release programme cannot be successful.

    In addition to this, we would like to provide you with the following information:

    There is only one veterinarian in the holding facility. However, the dog catching team is constantly increasing the number of its members.

    Currently, there are 40 official dog-catchers. The dogs are being caught non-stop, because the dog catching service works in three shifts!

    The cages are too full. In most of the cages, there are over 15 dogs in one cage.
    Very Important – There is no evidence of which dog has been caught, sterilized or euthanized, signed by a veterinarian who determined the reasons why the certain dog has been euthanized.

    The dogs are starved, the hygiene is intolerant, in fact, the holding facility is a source of diseases (Febris catarrhalis infectiosa canis and Parvovirosis).

    The majority of the small dogs die in terrible pain, without any veterinary care being provided.

    The dogs are treated like parasites, they are not being vaccinated against Rabies. Also, adoption and health documents are not issued for the adopted dogs.

    The majority of the dogs are never taken out of the cages.

    When the cages are being washed, the dogs are not taken out of the cages. They are forced to stand and stay on a wet and cold concrete floor. As a result, many of the dogs, especially the little ones, die from Pneumonia.

    There are barely any marked dogs, not more than 10 % of the caught dogs (dogs marked as sterilized and that need to be returned to their territory because they are healthy and non aggressive).

    It’s strictly forbidden to take pictures (photographs) in the facility, or to record any video footage, everything with purpose to hide the truth and the real situation!

    According to the information we have received backed up by statements and photographs, any alleged programmes are not being implemented as planned and the dogs are randomly being euthanized in extremely huge numbers. The killing of numerous stray dogs has never been a successful way of dealing with this problem.

    Today when animals have come to depend on us, this is a very cruel way to treat them. We believe that in the 21st century we do not need to prove that animals feel pain when being abused or killed!

    In relation to this problem, we have often discussed with city authorities (major of the city of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski) and with “Komunalna Higiena” about the implementation of the programme mentioned above. Also all the biggest world association for protection of animals were informed and they reacted on this enormous killing and mistreatment of the dogs (PETA, WSPA, OIPA international, VIER Pfoten etc) but the situation is not changed. We believe that this elimination is the political way of the city; who would like to “solve the problem” of dog uncontrolled population by implementing mass liquidation and officially killing more than every second dog they catch.

    Addressing international organizations with a mission to help protect animals is our last hope, to be voice of the voiceless. Please help us to help these animals – the only solution is urgent international help, pressure and support – especially from the EU, a member state which macedonia is wishing to become in the future. EU member states should not be allowed to abuse animals in this way, and this includes future EU member states such as Macedonia.

    Please contact me by return if you are willing to contact the city authorities of Skopje in order to react and to prevent the elimination and mistreatment of the dogs in Skopje.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours respectfully,

    Ski Makepeace

  4. This is murderous and criminal…No torture should be inflicted on any living creature!!! To go around randomly picking up these poor dogs in a savage manner is simply the activities of criminals…and the people who sanction this kind of murderous activity should be named and shamed! please end this NOW!!!!!!!

  5. This kind of activity simply breaks my heart!! It is murderous and criminal…UNCIVILISED TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!! The cruelty that is dished out to these poor defenceless creatures is the work of the devil!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP…PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!

  6. Koce e najgolemiot SRAM za Skopje i za Makedonija

  7. You hippies have obviously not seen the terror in which citizens of Skopje live, and is caused by these stray dogs. Many have attacked and injured people, and they’re disrupting the peace and quiet of our neighbourhoods. The stray canine population of Skopje has been on the rise for the past few years, and stray animals are becoming more of a problem every day.

    I fully support Mayor Trajanovski in his crusade against the fanged dictators of the streets, although I strongly disagree with him on other issues.

    • How much public money has been stealed by local authorities in this metter. Are You part of that `team`? Where is public money for solving this problem, and where are `owners` of all these dogs, dogs have been born in your homes , you are responsible for them,they have not arrive from Moon. What You support by mayor -are that these unlawfull killings or money theft supporting and doing ,or what ?
      Where is taxpayers money for LAWFULL ACTION in this metter ?and how much millions ?Where are these millions of euros? In your private pockets? Is this your `excellent business` and reason why you defense its over dead dogs bodies.n ?

    • Hi,

      having worked at Skopje for a few months now, I am not disgusted by the many stray cats and dogs, but by the people who let this happen by not neutering their pets and abandoning them. Having adopted three cats and a dog from animal shelters ourselves, I find it heartbreaking to see this going on (

      These are living beings that feel and suffer as a consequence of human behavior. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Poor guys! If anything about this clubbing animals to death is true: reading about this made me physically sick.

      And then they are pouring >60 million Euros into big, tasteless, megalomaniac pseudo-classic buildings to improve the looks of the city, and to attract tourists.

      I find Skopje nice as it is, but no tourist likes seeing animals suffering (it puts me off for sure). No fancy building will offset that impression; it is something that I always mention when friends ask me “well, how is Macedonia”.

      Spend a few 100.000 (if that much is really needed, which I doubt) on the animals (like the catch – neuter – return program), and make people neuter their pets if they are not smart enough or willing to do it themselves.


  8. You have a long way to go, Zlobi, to become a human and being a hippie requires ethics and mental qualities which you are deprived of. I am sorry, nobody can help you. Unless you work in some cosy cabinet of the authorities or you are one of the “bat” men!

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