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Update on Jelena’s Shelter in Nis – from Jean in the Uk

We have an update on Jelenas shelter in Nis, Serbia, from Jean in the Uk.

For the Winter newsletter from Jean please click on the following link:

 Winter newsletter 09

Please also visit Jeans ‘Tail Wags Shop at ebay and support (SOS) Serbian animals with a purchase:

For a happy story about little Minnie and further information about Jelenas shelter in Nis, including donation information to the shelter, please click on the following link which directs you through to past SAV posts:


Really sad and devastating news – little Bella has died of parvo virus.

All dogs that come into the sanctuary are vaccinated.  Tonka and Bella were vaccinated as soon as they arrived.  It takes 2 weeks to get immunity and Bella, for whatever reason, just didn’t make it.  Tonka is still doing fine.

Jelena is so upset about losing Bella and also lots of other little puppies that come in – they can’t be vaccinated before 6 weeks, so they are vulnerable and many of them die before that.

Parvo virus as well as all the other diseases of street dogs is a constant threat and killer, and when dogs come into the shelter they may already be infected. 

The shelter does not have the luxury of an isolation unit.

The Serbian Government and the callous dog owners of this country are directly to blame for all this suffering.  Tonka and Bella’s owner just could not be bothered with them anymore, even though Jelena had offered to have the dogs neutered.  The local authority in Nis has just announced another programme of dog catching and killing.  The dog catchers are being paid a good wage to round up the stray dogs using nooses which cause injuries to the neck, with no regard for these sentient creatures, just treating them as vermin, then they are incarcerated in the Nis dog pound, and killed after 3 days. This is Serbia – a country who have applied to join the EU!

The Government has allocated a large sum of money for dealing with stray dogs and most of the authorities are chosing to use this to kill them instead of properly implementing a neutering programme. 

Thank you for your support, we are still raising funds to build another enclosure, and this will be in Bella’s memory and will be used for Tonka and other needy dogs and puppies.

Rest in peace Bella and all the little ones who don’t make it and suffer at the hands of mankind, we will never desert you, wait for us at the rainbow bridge!


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