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Serbia: Smederevo Pound – The Dog Who’s Eyes Cried Pus

Shedding ‘Tears of Pus’ at the Smederevo City Pound – Serbia


Please view the following site post and link with regard a full review (including pictures) and reports on the shelter at Smederevo; a facility run by the organisation – JKP “Komunalac”, who provide just 3-4kg of dry food to over 50 dogs at the shelter each day: 

JKP “Komunalac” operates from Smederevo city and is the public garbage firm.  It has a dogcatching department named zoohygiena “Komunalac” with approximately 3-4 dogcatchers and 3 or 4 senior type managers.

As with almost every city in Serbia, the dogcatchers catch the stray animals and then take them to the city pound – in this case Smederevo city pound. 

JKP “Komunalac” has a contract with one local vet who is doing very well.  There is a neverending business because dog owners continue to throw their unwanted dogs and cats out onto the streets; the dogcatchers catch  the dogs and cats, and the vet then sterilises the animal.  But after the animal has been operated on, it will be moved to an unknown location where nobody will verify if the operation was done badly.

By the Criminal Code law of Serbia, a vet could go to jail for up to 2 years if a bad operation with bad results occur.  But as the government and the authorities have no control and very little interest in the welfare of the animals, there are no procedures in place to document the results of the operations.

The vet also undertakes euthanasia for the city authorities; a procedure which costs around 1000 dinar.  The sterilisation of a male dog costs around 1800 to 2000 dinar, even more if the dog is large, and charges around 4000 dinar for a female sterilisation.  As said earlier, there are no procedures in place to document how good these operations are.

A solution is urgently needed for Smederevo.  Animal welfare contacts around the site feel that a large campaign of letters, mails and faxes aimed at the Mayor of Smederevo is the way forward. – see details at the end of this post.

At the moment the Mayor just ignores anything and everything to deal with the shelter.  But the Mayor is the VERY PERSON who is able to make changes.  So it is essential that the Mayor is deluged with e mails and faxes about the Smederevo city pound and the terrible suffering inflicted on animals in the pound by JKP “Komunalac”.

Trying to help the animals

Euro-P.A.S.  is a German animal welfare organisation who are very much involved with the Smederevo shelter.  You can visit their wen site and see pictures from Smederevo via the following link: 

You can see from the photos that thanks to donations already given from supporters, some new wooden shelters have been constructed and are now on site. 

But this is simply not enough; lots more donations are needed to be given to Euro-P.A.S.  to enable them to construct more much needed shelters for the dogs and to provide more food.

The welfare people who are trying to help the dogs at Smederevo could use both lots of extra feed and many additional dog shelters (among other things). 

JKP “Komunalac” who run the shelter are currently providing just 3-4kg of dry food to over 50 dogs at the shelter each day:

Items such as a dog shelter or any food can be ordered / purchased via ‘ZooPlus’ and sent directly to Germany, the EuroPas HQ and collection point.  International Delivery is free for orders above certain costs – please see site link below for shipping costs (if applicable): 

EuroPas HQ in Germany will then send the received items (shelters / food etc) directly to Serbia for use by its own workers and officials at the Smederevo pound. 

On the following international ‘ZooPlus’ links, simply scroll down until you see the dog shelter pictures.  Prices are given for anyone wishing to donate a shelter.

(German site)

(English site)
(scroll down on both sites to find dog shelters)

(special offers)

ZooPlus runs international sites:

Netherlands –

France –

Belgium –

Ireland –

Poland –

Italy –

Spain –

Czech Republic  –

For donations, the following information will be necessary:

Euro-P.A.S. e.V.
Konto 312 599 22
BLZ 700 530 70
Sparkasse Fürstenfeldbruck
IBAN: DE87 7005 3070 0031 2599 22
Verwendungszweck “Toni”

A Euro-P.A.S. party went to Smederevo recently to vaccinate/chip the dogs.  It was very difficult, with frightened dogs kicking out and having to be held down by the team during the process.  One particular dog was noted, a German Shepherd who has been kept in a confined shed without light on a soaking wet floor for over a year now.  The poor animal has wounds all over his body and is unable to even stand. 


His eyes wept pus; not tears, as can be seen in the photograph:

We are informed that food is thrown to him by hand; simply to be picked up out of the dirt. 

We are currently aware  that at the present three (3) Criminal Charges have been brought against the company that runs the shelter – “Komunalac”, and as a result of pressure, Komunalac has been forced to at least provide some dry food for the dogs – although this amounts to only 3-4 kgs a day which they appear to think is satisfactory for 50 dogs !

Donations to Euro-P.A.S. are urgently required to help buy extra food; and also for additional shelters for the dogs.

The Mayor of Smederevo needs to be deluged with e mails and faxes about the Smederevo city pound and the terrible suffering inflicted on animals in the pound by JKP “Komunalac”.

If you wish to send messages of complaint and objections to the Mayor of Smederevo, the person who IS ABLE to make changes about all of this, he can be contacted on:

Mayor of Smederevo =

Please also copy your letter (CC) to the community contacts, Smederevo city Municipality at:

They are all detailed on the public information web site which can be viewed at:  

To send a message to JKP “Komunalac” who ‘run and operate the shelter’ , please use the following e mail address:


Take another look at the situation in Smedervo city pound; look at the dog shedding tears of pus from his eyes;  and NOW PLEASE TAKE SOME FORM OF ACTION on behalf of these suffering animals.


Thank You – SAV  and BAS.




  1. That’s horrible.How can I help, I live in Canada.

  2. That’s horrific.I live in Canada, how can I help.

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