Posted by: balkansanimalsuffering | February 1, 2010

Serbia: Shelter “Firbin” Appeal

A call for help for animals at Serbian shelter “Firbin” is now on the EuroPas website:

They are asking for material and money donations (to the same account as before; just stating use of money as “Firbin” for this campaign, not “Smederevo” as covered recently).

Primarily they need medical supplies including:

treatments against Demodex
– Vitamin supplements
– Worm treatments
– Antibiotics
– Vaccines

Is anyone, anywhere able to help please ? – can your local vet give a donation of treatments free of charge ?

Photos – EuroPAS

The EuroPAS ‘Smederevo’ campaign is also still running

There are several ways to assist – either with a money donation, or by having something (feed or otherwise) sent from


ZooPlus runs several other international sites:

Netherlands –

France –

Belgium –

Ireland –

Poland –

Italy –

Spain –

Czech Republic  –

Direct order and delivery of items to EuroPAS are also available through the German are sent from Germany .. that is, within the country)

Dogs houese are always urgently needed, especially in this weather:

as is feed:

(NOTE – most of these items are current special offers, and hence reduced)

As concerns money donations –

These are to be sent to:

Beneficiary: Euro-P.A.S. e.V.
Account no.: 312 599 22
Bank code: 700 530 70
Bank: Sparkasse Fuerstenfeldbruck

Please state intended use of donation: ‘Firbin’ or ‘Smederevo’

For international transfers you will need this information too:

IBAN: DE87 7005 3070 0031 2599 22



  1. for money donations, i suggest setting up a paypal account. i just donated money to different shelter in serbia, and when i tried to do it through my bank, they wanted to charge me a $50 (37 euro) fee. meanwhile, paypal only charged me $0.50.

    i wish there was some current volunteer program, because i wish that i could go during the summer and help out, but i’d need a place to stay.

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