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Serbia (Zajecar City): 21/03/10 – All Dogs Have Now Been Killed – Live Cats Thrown Into Cages to be Killed by Dogs Who Have Not Had Food and Water Since 05/03/10.

Zajecar City.

Please refer to our post of 19/03 showing all the dogs which had been rounded up and imprisoned by the Shinters:  

Now we can confirm that all of the dogs shown in the pictures have been killed.  All of the dirty boxes, where dogs being held had no food or no water are now empty. 

Live cats were thrown into cages full with dogs and were killed by the dogs immediately.  Many dogs killed each other because from 05.03.2010 they were given neither food or water. 

In the region, most of the foxes have also been killed.

Is the message from the Serbian authorities that they have to ‘rescue’ the human species from the Rabies disease by undertaking all of these killings ?

In fact the authorities have done nothing apart from undertake the brutal slaughter of animals paid for out of the municipality budget.  If Rabies is even present in the area, which we doubt, as the OIE do not appear to have been informed of any outbreaks, then Rabies probably is still present, because these killings have been very selective – poor stray animals once again – and only dogs and foxes are being killed; no other species which could carry Rabies.: 

This is a very half hearted attempt by the Serbian government and authorities to make a pathetic effort to the public to show ‘control’ the spread of a probably non existing disease such as Rabies.  If it exists, then the simple question is why has the OIE not been informed by the Serbian authorities about these outbreaks ? – maybe the authorities are simply using the Rabies issue as a scare as a futile excuse to round up and kill as many strays as they can.

This is no way to control and alleged disease outbreaks; but as we are very aware, it is the way the pathetic Serbian authorities operate.  No care for life, only their own positions.

Confirmation of situation by Izaza – 


Zajecar : Svi  psi  “lutalice”- “sirovina”  za mafijaški “biznis” koju stvaraju inspektori, komunalni inspektori i neodgovornmi vlasnici – SU UBIJENI .

Da li je  poruka  srbijanskih autoriteta vlasti  javnosti , koju  ovim  aktom smatraju imbecilnom , da su oni na ovaj način : poubijavši pse “lutalice” i lisice,  zaštitili  gradjane od besnila , ali činjenica je  da NISU nikoga zaštitili , nisu NIŠTA  SUZBILI , nego su samo počinili brutalna ubistva, jer ako je virus rabiesa  stvarno prisutan , vlast nije učinila NIŠTA da zaštiti stanovništvo ni životinje, počinila je jedino masovnu egzekuciju pasa neodgovornih vlasnika  koji kukavički čuče u svojim kućama  i lisica –  sve je plaćeno novcem iz  opštinskog budžeta ,  koji su samo jedan od  potencijalnih rezervoara virusa rabiesa, a rezervoar  može biti svaki sisar , tako da  selektivnim ubijanjem   jednog malog  broja rezervoara : vlast NIJE učinila NIŠTA  na zaštiti stanovništva ni životinja , na  suzbijanju rabiesa  , samo je omogućila ilegalni biznis pod plaštom ” suzbijanja rabiesa”  .

Friend-EPAR/OIPA Serbia/Alliance for nonhuman and human Animal Rights



  1. This is a disgrace for your country and all Balkans too

  2. I cannot believe how some act!

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